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April 12, 2017

Hello & welcome to our website!

I am beyond excited to share our new website with you. I am so passionate about this brand because it is named after my beloved horse Sultan (aka. Salt).

Salt represents a horse that went from fear to faith. The basic meaning of this is that horses don’t do things because they are out to get us…they are a horse, and their natural instincts of ‘flight’ kick in when they fear something, however through training and trust, faith can be instilled in your horse.

My focus of this brand is to create and share comfortable & empowering performance apparel for YOU because who doesn’t want comfortable and durable performance riding wear that doesn’t break the bank! YES PLEASE!

This is only the beginning and we will have more items soon. Join our team and sign up to be one of the first to see new products! 😀

x Tash

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  • Joanne

    GREAT Product, Great Price.

    My daughter and I both have a Salt Equestrian jacket and love them. Especially the zipped phone pocket in the sleeve.

    Thanks Tash
    Joanne & Gemma (Dora & Leo)

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